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Queen of the night/daisy beauty

Party editorial for the Holiday edition of Daisy Beauty Magazine.

Model Therese J, Lind Models
Stylist Annika Norman
Hair & Makeup Martin Sundqvist
Assistant Jacek Szopik
Photography Tobias Björkgren
Retouch Annika Östman (Tuschè.se)
Big thanks to Haymarket by Scandic!

TobiasBjörkgren_Daisy beauty 160901121090_Final2048.jpg
TobiasBjörkgren_Daisy beauty_160901121303_Final2048.jpg
TobiasBjörkgren_Daisy beauty 160901120901_Final2048.jpg
TobiasBjörkgren_Daisy beauty_160901120680_Final2048.jpg
TobiasBjörkgren_Daisy beauty_160901121145_Final2048.jpg
TobiasBjörkgren_Daisy beauty 160901120577_Final2048.jpg
TobiasBjörkgren_Daisy beauty_160901121443_Final2048.jpg