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Campaign for Imperiebryggeriet

A old College flatmate called me up and wondered if I would be interested in shooting his first two beers from his newly founded micro brewery! - Off course! I said, and we started to talk about concepts for the different beers.

Right from the beginning my friend, who's name is Patrik said that he had two Ideas for the beer concepts. For the dark beer he wanted a closed setting with dark tones and cheese, since the beer really goes well with a nice cheese plate.

The second beer is more of a fancy lager and has strong but subtle tones suitable for a nice restaurant. So how do we incorporate the feeling of a restaurant without being in one. And mind that I was the one doing the cooking, so it had to be something looking good without much prep.

So we went out and did a bit of shopping, some nice glasses, bowls, some clams and cheeses in different variety.

When we shot this still life concept, I only had a partial image in my head prior to shooting time. So to get these two shots, we actually bought stuff to make maybe 3-4 different setups, a lot more cheese and we did two bowls of moule marinée to get the right feel.

This was my first time actually prepping bottles with glycerin, clear-coat and matte coating. It was a little hard getting the right feel, but nothing compared to how tricky it was getting the right kind of foam. Luckily we had 3 sets of bottles for each beer. So we had a backup for the backup.

When pouring beer you only have a short time to shoot the ideal foam. but there is a trick to get a second chance. If you sprinkle some salt in the beer it will react and start to foam again, but be very careful, we added about a quarter of a teaspoon and gave it a stir. We should not have done that since it went all vulcano on us!

I hope you like these shots, and if you live in Skåne, Halland or Östergötland you can order the beers on Systembolaget!