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Campaign, Lookbook and Ecommerce for Rosewall

in the fall of 2018 I got the chance together with the Store Agency to shoot the campaign, lookbook and ecommerce for Rosewall, a new company, based in Stockholm, focusing on well fitting Cashmere and Merino sweaters.

We had two production days; Day one we shot campaign images on three different locations. first location at a local bridge from the late 19th century (I believe). Location two at Brunkebergs plaza, a newly developed area in the city with a selection of hotels, shops and restaurants, third location was inside the master suite hotel At Six.

Day two we had a studio day, shooting in two studios at once. Packshots in one studio and model shots in the second.

We had a really fun two days with a lot of great looks from the team.

Client Rosewall
Agency The Store
Production manager Elin Gummesson
Creative Director Helena Loneaus
Stylist Julia Stridh
Grooming Sofia Johansson
Models Jimmie Kersmo, PMA; José Monteiro, MIKAs
Assistant and Packshot photographer Emil Andersson
Photographer Tobias Björkgren
Studio Fotostudion
Retouch Layer 1

Behind the scenes from first day