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Double exposure - Fine art project

In the art of photography we often see the results of a moment captured in 1/100s of a second. That means that Photography it's just a fraction of a second at a specific place and time. What happens if it's more than that?

In my experiment of "double exposures"  I capture one frame in 1-2 seconds of exposure while popping my flash two times, this generating a single frame that's the sum of the two flash exposures of my camera sensor.

Does it sound wierd or tricky, just think of this, camera with one long shutter, and two flash sequences. Boom!

I first started my experiments with double exposure by flash in the fall of 2011. I instantly fell in love with the technique and now I have extended my collection, and will exhibit ten images in my studio during joint exhibition the weekend  of Valentines day. It's a little scary and exciting at the same time. 

I hope you like my images and the behind the scenes look when creating my images. If you wanna come by the studio during the exhibition or have purchasing enquiries please let me know by sending me a email at info (at) tobiasbjorkgren (dot) se.

I would like to thank everyone involved. To my collaborators Qim Claesson, Johanna Nomiey, Annie Ericsson and Johanna Salomonsson.

To my models: Towe C (Nouveau models), Lovisa S, Linn A, Hans A (MIKAs Stockholm), Emma A (Stockholmsgruppen Models) and Nathalie W.

Last but not least thanks to Paulina Ahlm my assistant and to Daniel Johansson for printing the artwork!