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Marketing material for Inflammation Lab launch

In the middle of summer I got a call from a colleague, wondering if I could help out on a project that he couldn't shoot. I was reluctant at first hence I was 600 KM away but after I talked with the client and found a schedule that worked for both of us I booked the job and traveled back to Stockholm for the shoot.

We shot four series of images. Pills, Portraits, Packshots and Pours (as from now on to be known as the four P's). "Pours" being the content of pills poured out on a flat surface.

If someone says to you:

- hey I want you to photograph Packshots and Pills! 

I bet you that your first reaction is not jumping in the air of joy. But turning the task into a creative scenario you can make it any assignment fun and challanging. 

Using nice and simple visuals with color, angles and movement these images make for a great impact.

Thanks to Anna Engman, the CEO of Inflammation Lab and to Layer 1 for awesome retouch as usual!