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Press images for Tessin

Group shot of the founders behind the crowdfunding company Tessin.

Group shot of the founders behind the crowdfunding company Tessin.

I have shared a lot of my recent fashion and beauty assignments lately, but today I wanna direct your attention to my corporate side of business.

I recently was honored to shoot a variety of different pictures for Tessin, a crowdfunding company for property development. We shot the above image earlier this fall, when it still was warm and cosy. 

Tessin has a lovely office space, and the most interesting room is their big meeting room. Since I love a big open room we opted for the shoot to take place there. We had to do a whole lot of redecorating but it was totally worth it.

For gear we used my, then recently purchased Profoto B2 location kit along side with a Profoto D1 kit, deep umbrella and a sunbounce scrim.

I've continued doing some more images for marketing and I think it's really great to have a long term responsibility to develop the branding and image style with Tessin. I've been following the CEO Jonas for many years now and i really treasure relationships like this.

Looking forward to showing more of the stuff I have created for Tessin, and will create in the future.