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Simone Giertz for Popular Science

Absurd, goofy or kinda crazy? Well I think that I don't insult the inventor Simone Giertz, if I give her machines one of those nicknames. Simone is a inventor who creates fun machines as concepts and as art. taking mundane task and creating machines to solve them or to explore them.

I was given a task to take a photo of her and her newest machine the "Applause machine" for Popular Science. Simone is a very easy going person and has a very clear idea about who she is. And I love it!

The below article is the result of our session together.

Thanks Simone for having me and to Popular Science, a pleasure working together!

Cheers /Tobias

Portrait of Simone Giertz for Popular Science 

Portrait of Simone Giertz for Popular Science