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Vasuma - Still life production

New work for the swedish eyewear company Vasuma, a small collection of still life images, shot from above. I used two types of surfaces in each image, as a backplate on all images we have a large slate sheet, and then I varied with different material such as Slate, marble and metal. to give a slightly different look to each image.

The backgrounds weren't cut to shape so I had to do multiple exposures and more the surfaces around so I got exposure of the edges in similiar place to the final image output.

I also took exposures with a with bounce card on the opposite side of the light to get some more details in the eyewear.

Scroll down to the end to get a glimpse on how it looks BTS.

Client Vasuma
Photo/production Tobias Björkgren
Retouch Layer 1
Studio Fotostudion

Vasuma - Andaman
Vasuma -  Double Iron
Vasuma - Biacco