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Big investment - Profoto Pro 8A

A couple of weeks ago, I signed my second lease in my career (first lease was my PhaseOne IQ140 camera i bought 3.5 years ago). I signed a contract to buy a Studio generator and two flash heads.

For about 4 years my co-working studio has been equipped with Profoto gear so brand of choice was a no brainer. I love working with Profoto flashes and I know how they work in my backbone. Quality as you know it ain't cheap, but the freedom that it brings me will make it worth while!

I opted out for the biggest and baddest option. A Pro 8A with their new Prohead-plus flash heads. The pack is steady as a tank and hopefully it will be with me for more than a decade! "The light-shaper" photographer Andrea Belluso actually just instagrammed that he had his first service of a 20 year old Pro 3 pack that he still uses!

With my flashes I also bought my first Peli-case. A real rugged and heavy duty-case with foam interior perfectly moulded for my gear. Can it look more professional? I feel like a hitman when I open up the case!