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China campaign for XL Concept Hairspray from Grazette of Sweden

Just before the summer grabbed hold of the capital, I spent a day at Hotel Kungsträdgården shooting a hair campaign for the Chinese market. The client Grazette of Sweden wanted a updated look to market their XL Concept Hairspray.

I choose to shoot at a hotel with old window sils and a clean white finish to get a stylish look of Swedish and european design heritage.

A challenge when shooting at hotels is always space, even though we were in one of the larger suites, we manage to fill up the bathtub with gear cases and had to remove certain furniture in order to get the right look of the images.

As you can see in the behind the scenes look it was quite a straight forward setup to shoot the images. as a main light I used a Broncolor Para 88 with Profoto head, a setup with beautiful quality of light as well as being flexible in use and also relatively light weight and easy to place.

I used 2 other lights, one fill light consisting of a Pro Head with zoom reflector shooting through a full stop of Roscoe roll. A Pro Head with zoom reflector as both background light and kicker with a black flag controlling the shine on the models head.

Shooting hair is all about the details, the hairs got to be perfect and the lighten must be a equal match. As most of my images we shot this with my trusty Phase One 645Df and IQ140 digital back.

Big thanks to my team, the client and to Hotel Kungsträdgården

Models: Caroline Mac, Hanni Beronius, Alexandra Beronius
Hairstylist Linda Beronius
Makeupartist Martin Sundqvist
Assistant Jesper Petersen
Photography Tobias Björkgren
Retouch Johanna Karsten

Behind the scenes look of the shoot!