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Cover: Jenny Strömstedt for Daisy Beauty Magazine

Jenny Strömstedt on the cover for the second issue of Daisy Beauty magazine 2018

Jenny Strömstedt on the cover for the second issue of Daisy Beauty magazine 2018

Got the chance to meet Jenny Strömstedt, one of the most recognisable TV personalities in Sweden. Co-host of the TV4 morning show, Nyhetsmorgon. A superfun and quick shoot, in the spring colors green and blue. 

This is the second time I got to shoot a profile from the same show for Daisy Beauty, The last one was Tilde de Paula, for December issue of 2017. 

Behind the scenes

As you can see the effect on the cover, with gradient blue to green and a small shadow pattern is created in camera. With the use of colored gels. Some branches and a lot of light. 
Background light by a CTB gelled stripbox on top.
A plus green gelled Profoto zoomspot casting light through a couple of bransches on a C-stand.

Main light is the 5 fot gridded octabox positioned slightly behind the model. .
We have a Mola Demi softlight reflector acting as fill light for the face at a slightly high angle .
Below we have a silver coated polyboard bouncing up just the right amount light so@we don’t get spooky shadows

And we also have a white polyboard bouncing light back on her from the shadow side.


Styling Annika Norman
Hair Ronja Lassander
Makeup Marielle Isaksson
Photography Me
Art direction/Layout Jeanette Friman
Studio Fotostudion