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Sting - Annual report 2017

Earlier this year I had the honour to contribute to the visual concept for Sting (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) and their annual report for 2017.

We created a room with plywood for walls and floor. And we accessorised the interior based on the concept for each company we got to shoot.

Huge thanks to Hanna Metsis and Maria Ljungberg for believing in my concept and organising the shoot.

Thanks to my team
Client Sting
Project manager Hanna Metsis
Set designer Sara Garanty
Assistant Joacim Schwartz
Retouch Layer 1 Retouch

Thanks to Ljud & bild Media for the rental equipment, to Budwheels for delivery and to Fotostudion for the studio space.


Behind the scenes of our custom built set in our studio. 

Setup nr 2

A week later we reused the plywood and created a long wall to fit the large groupshot of the Sting organisation. At the same time as my assistant was assembling the wall, I rigged and photographed the headshots of each individual. 

Sting group

Behind the scenes of the groupshot setup.

I would not recommend to hire me or my assistant as a carpenter, but at least it stood for 30 minutes and didn't kill anyone :).