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Ebba Brahe - Campaign with Vicky Andrén

New campaign is out featuring the fabulous model Vicky Andrén. It's a great honor to be a part of the team creating the visual identity for Ebba Brahe.

Our still life shoot for the SS16 collection focused on bees and their imminent extinction, So we knew we wanted to incorporate nature in the model campaign as well. We choose a grass patch on Djurgården with the afternoon sun shining through the leafs, to give just the right amount of background feeling but not to distract from the fine details of the jewels and the models expression.

Here in the bottom I wanna share a Behind the scenes look from how our setup was. We used a Pro B2 with the Silver M Deep umbrella as our main light and we then had a second lamp head with CTO gel, to give a warm rim light. We used the PhaseOne camera with IQ140 Digital back and a 120mm makro Mamiya lens. I hope you enjoy it!

Behind the scenes look! 

Behind the scenes look! 

Thanks to my team

Model Vicky Andrén

Hair and makeup Elva Ahlbin

Photography Me

Assistant Paulins Ahlm

Retouch Helena Dahl