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Dresses for Hedvig Showroom

Did a quick and fun shoot a couple of weeks ago for Hedvig showroom. Great model, a stunning apartment with wonderful Practical light sources and great dresses, what more do you need?!

We shot this with the small Profoto B2 and one flash head modified with the deep m silver umbrella.

Model Frida L, Nouveau Models
Hair & makeup Martin Sundqvist
Client Hedvig Showroom
Photography & retouch Me
Photography assistant Paulina Ahlm

I used my 55mm lens on my PhaseOne camera, a lens that I enjoy working with when shooting fashion, you'll get a small distortion of perspective that gives it a little quirkyness and used right some elongated limbs.

We had a semi slow shutter speed to get some ambient light and visualizing the movement of the model.

I hope you like this as much as I do!